Welcome to the History Resources Bank, a collection of on-line history primary sources assembled by the history faculty in the Department of Humanities, Government, and Modern Languages at Sinclair Community College.  This project is designed to provide primary history documents to students and anyone who is interested in historical research.  While the documents prepared and scanned are in the public domain, the history resources bank team seeks to respect all copyrights and acknowledge its intellectual debts.  This project is currently under construction and is made possible in part by a Sinclair Learning Challenge Grant.

American History

Western Civilization

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African History

East Asian History

Latin American History

Local History
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The history resources bank team includes:

Tom Martin, Professor, Humanities Department
Tom Preisser, Professor and Chair, Humanities Department
Robert Smith, Associate Professor, Humanities Department
Winnie Tseng, Reference Librarian, Learning Resources Center
Jim Walter., Professor, Humanities Department
Yufeng Wang, Associate Professor and project coordinator, Humanities Department

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