English (ENG)

Sinclair Community College's English program supports the general education requirements for the vast array of degree-granting programs throughout the college by offering courses in composition, technical and business communication, literature, and creative writing.

Our faculty are educators, researchers, scholars, authors, and poets connected by our shared interest in language, literature, teaching and learning. Teaching is the focus for our professional work. We participate in college-wide initiatives, pursue professional development, present at professional conferences, and write and publish widely from academic research to poetry. We also develop curriculum and are innovation leaders on campus. We have high expectations of our students and ourselves and work diligently to support student success and learning.

The composition sequence at Sinclair Community College introduces students to writing in an academic setting. While attending to the rich and complex backgrounds individual students bring to the composition class, instructors assign an array of writing tasks designed to build students' competence as writers and developing professionals. Students leave ENG 1101 and ENG 1201 better prepared to meet the demands of writing in future college courses and in their broader communities.