FAQs for COM 2278 - Communication Capstone
COM-2278 Communication Capstone
Frequently Asked Questions:

·      What is this class? COM 2278 is an independent study in which the student develops a portfolio of communication competencies.  Demonstration of competency in COM 2220, 2206, 2211, 2225, 2201 and one other Communication course are required components of the portfolio.  In most cases, written evidence of communication theory understanding and/or written evidence of communication skills application will be the means to demonstrate acquired knowledge in Communication.  Additional means of competency demonstration could be in the form of audio or video tape.  The faculty member with whom the student works provides guidance to determine acceptable forms of competency demonstration.  In order to register for COM 2278, a student must have completed COM 2220, 2206, 2211, 2225, 2201 and one other Communication course in previous terms.

The department will work with students to transition course materials as we move from quarters to semesters.  It is wise to save materials from your courses whether taken under quarters or semesters and whether taken at Sinclair or at another institution.

·      How do I register for this class? If you have successfully completed the required courses (COM 2220, 2206, 2211, 2225, 2201 and one other Communication course) you should follow these steps to receive permission to register for the class:

1.  Contact Communication Department Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Resseguie in Room 2-222, phone 937 512-2271, email jennifer.resseguie@sinclair.edu.  She will advise student of which professors will be working with students in the upcoming quarter and provide their contact information.  She will also provide the necessary paperwork (project guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

2.  Student should contact the faculty member with whom s/he would like to work (COM 2278 is an independent study course).

3.  Faculty member will notify the Administrative Assistant that s/he has agreed to work with student.

4.  Administrative Assistant will ask that restriction be removed to allow student to register for the proper section of COM 2278.

5.  When notified that restriction has been lifted, Administrative Assistant will contact student to advise of permission to register and deadlines for registration and tuition payment.  (Student must then register – “permission” does not imply that registration will be handled by Administrative Assistant, Academic Advising, or Professor). 

·      What is required of me? A copy of the capstone portfolio guidelines and the evaluation rubric tool are located in the COM 2278 course, which is accessed through the My.Sinclair.edu website. Together these guidelines and rubric will help you understand the expectations.

·      When does the course meet? This "course" is really an independent study project in that you work to accomplish the requirements of the portfolio as described in the guidelines. You may request assistance and/or a meeting with your professor as needed.  You won't be meeting regularly like a traditional class.  We do recommend that, every two weeks, you keep your professor up to date with what you have completed.

·      What should I do first?  We recommend you start by pulling together the course materials you have saved from your COM courses.  You may have notes, assignments, projects, video recordings, speech outlines and other materials.  These items will be useful when completing the capstone.

·      What sort of feedback will I get during the process?  We encourage you to share drafts with your capstone professor for COM 2206, COM 2225, COM 2220, COM 2201 and the opening essay.  Feel free to attach your draft as a "Word Document" (extension '.doc' or '.docx') and send it as an email.  It is always best to request feedback rather than assume something will be adequate.

·      Do I have to document sources? A college level essay requires clear and complete source documentation.  If you need help recalling how to document your sources internally or at the end of your essay you can get help at Landmarks Son of Citation Machine.

·      Where can I find the Departmental Communication Model?  The model is available at the department's web page.  Here's the link: http://www.sinclair.edu/academics/lcs/departments/com/pub/COM-Model.pdf

·      What tips can you offer? This course works best when students share drafts with their capstone professor well in advance of the deadline so that there are no surprises at the end of the term.  Some students do fail this course and it is largely because they don't spend enough time on the project and/or fail to get regular feedback from the capstone professor (feedback is such a basic, yet critical, element of effective communication). 

·      How much time should I anticipate spending?  For a one credit course you should anticipate spending about 3 hours a week or about 45 hours to complete this portfolio.  Depending on your writing skills, and whether or not you've saved your speech and other course work, it might take more time.

·      When is the capstone project due? The capstone is due to your professor by 12:00 noon on the Monday of the last week of the academic term. You may leave it in the mailbox of your professor in Room 2222 (Communication Department Office).

·      What is the best way to communicate with my professor? Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to each form of communication (face-to-face, phone, "chat", or email). Most professors find email is the best method to use when sharing documents or for quick questions.  In order to achieve shared understanding, a face-to-face meeting is often best early in the process.

·      Will I be able to keep my capstone portfolio? The department will keep all materials submitted for your capstone requirements and may use the materials for assessment purposes.  The capstone materials will not be returned to you.  You should make and maintain a copy of anything you wish to share with employers or future academic institutions.