The Child and Family Education (CFE) Library and Laboratory

What are the Child and Family Education Library and Laboratory?

The CFE Library, room 9223, is an instructional resource center for the three academic programs (Disabilities Intervention Services, Early Childhood Education, and Manual Communication) in the Child and Family Education Department.  The CFE Library loans books, tapes and developmentally appropriate play materials to students.

The CFE Laboratory, room 9108, offers space, materials and equipment for out of class assignments in Disabilities Intervention Services, Early Childhood Education and Manual Communication courses.  Audio/visual equipment is available for student use. A materials production facility facilitates student projects.  There is a nominal charge for laminating film. Tutors are available for sign language practice.  

When are the CFE Library and CFE Laboratory open?

The Child and Family Education Library and Laboratory are open days, evenings, and weekends.  Hours are posted quarterly.

Are there any specific policies for using the CFE Laboratory?

The CFE Lab has the following policies:

· Only Sinclair students, faculty, alumni, and staff, with proper ID, may use the
  CFE Lab.
· Children are not allowed in CFE Lab.
· Food or drink is not allowed at the computer stations.
· Students doing homework have priority using the computers.
· Computers are for Sinclair coursework only.
· No surfing for or viewing of pornography is allowed.
· No talking on cellular telephones in the CFE Lab.  This disturbs other
  students.  Please set cell phones to silent ring.
· Do not print more than 20 pages per visit.  Proofread your documents on the
  screen prior to printing.  If you wish to print on special paper, or need to print
  more than 20 pages check with a CFE Lab staff person first.
· Do not shut down or re-boot the computers.  Ask for assistance.
· If you plan to load or download software on the computers, you must check
  with a CFE Lab staff person.
· Play your CD/Tape player at a volume that only you can hear.
· You are responsible for your personal belongings while in the CFE Lab.
· Remember to remove your disk from the drive before you leave. 
· Please respect everyone’s need for a quiet study environment.