ECE 182 Student Teaching I

ECE 182 Course Description and Current Availability

Course Information

The course ECE 182, Student Teaching I, is a supervised student teaching experience in the Sinclair Community College Early Childhood Learning Center, room 9103.  Each week throughout the quarter students spend eight clock hours in the center from nine a.m. until one p.m. on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  Students are also required to attend a weekly one hour and forty minute seminar.

Application Process:  Students that have successfully completed the courses ECE 145, ECE 160, and English 111 must apply one quarter in advance by obtaining an application in the Child and Family Education Office in room 9222.  The required documentation for ECE 182 (including application, references, current medical, fingerprinting, copy of high school diploma) needs to be on file prior to the start of the quarter. 

Orientation:  An ECE 182 orientation session will be held prior to the first class meeting of the quarter.  Students will be notified of the date and time of this orientation.  All ECE 182 students are expected to attend the orientation in order to familiarize themselves with the learning environment and expectation of the course before the quarter begins.

Total Hours:  ECE 182 hours in the center count towards the supervised clock hours required to apply for Pre-Kindergarten teacher certification from the Ohio Department of Education.  ECE 182 student teachers must complete 88 supervised clock hours in the center.  When ECE 182 students are absent from the center or the college is closed, they must schedule and make up the time missed.

Evaluation:  Students are evaluated on skills developed in pre-requisite courses. 
These skills include the following:
· planning and implementing developmentally appropriate child centered and small group activities for a variety of curriculum areas.
· utilizing appropriate room awareness and guidance techniques
· demonstrating professionalism
· maintaining children’s health and safety
· utilizing effective communication skills
· completing observation of children forms
· completing weekly seminar assignments including video evaluations