Scholarships for Sinclair Community College Graduates at the University of Dayton

Availability:  Tuition scholarships are available to a limited number of students each year.  These scholarships represent one-half of the cost of tuition at U.D. or approximately $1437.00 for full-time enrollment.  Scholarships remain in effect until completion of the recipient’s program.

Eligibility:  Scholarship recipients will be Sinclair Community College students who

  • Are 24 years or older
  • Have graduated or have 90 transferable credit hours
  • Meet program and academic requirements
  • Are personally recommended by two Sinclair Community College faculty members
  • Are admissible to the particular department in the School of Education

Purpose:  This scholarship is intended to provide financial aid to adults seeking professional careers in education so that they may pursue a teacher preparation program at the University of Dayton.

Fields of Study:  Students accepting scholarships must enroll in the School of Education (part-time or full-time) and meet all programs and certification requirements in one of the following areas:

  • Elementary school teaching k-8
  • Early childhood education
  • High school teaching (numerous fields)
  • Teaching of art
  • Teaching of business
  • Teaching of health and physical education (also programs for coaches and trainers)
  • Teaching of music
  • Teaching of vocational home economics
  • Teaching the mentally retarded
  • Teaching those with learning disabilities.

Degree Conferred:  The degree, Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.), is conferred normally after the equivalent of two years of full time study at the University of Dayton to those students who possess the Associate Degree of 90 quarter hours.

Counseling:  This scholarship program has been designed cooperatively by University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College officials.  Provisions for continual counseling of students have been made.

For further information call:  School of Education University of Dayton Rm 113 Chanminade Hall 229-3146 or a Sinclair Community College Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Counselor in room 6122, telephone (937) 512-2951.