Martha Laing Woodward Early Childhood Education Scholarship

Criteria:  This non-renewable award will be made to a student who:

  • Is a full-time or part-time student;
  • Has completed at least 16 course hours in the department of Child and Family Education’
  • Has demonstrated a creative approach or attitude toward teaching young children’
  • Has financial need as determined by the Selection Committee


  • Application deadline will be May 15 (or the spring quarter deadline for scholarship applications);
  • Scholarship(s) will be awarded before use during fall and subsequent quarters
  • Applicants must complete the standard Sinclair Scholarships application form available at the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Room 10343 or from the Child and Family Education Department Office, Room 9222.
  • Applicants are asked to provide: 1) a statement about their specific financial a need, and 2) a statement from a professor or in their own words about how they demonstrate creativity in teaching.


  • Recipients will be chosen by a selection committee consisting of one representative each from:  the department of Child and Family Education; First School in Centerville; Financial Aid; ECFED Advisory Board; the Laing/Woodward families.  (Participation by the families is not required to make awards).
  • The committee may decide to award one or more scholarships, depending on the amount of funds available each year.


  • The award may be used for tuition, fees and books.  Any unused portion will carry over to subsequent quarters until the entire amount is expended, not to exceed a period of nine consecutive quarters.
  • Student must notify financial aid office of qualifying GPA in order to roll over remaining balance to subsequent quarters.
  • Cash refunds of the scholarship award for educationally related expenses, such as child care, will be determined by the selection committee on a case-by-case basis.

Funds Management:

The amount available will be reviewed annually.  At the request of the donor families, all interest earned on the endowment may be made available for scholarship awards as the Laing/Woodward families’ expert to make annual contributions to maintain and increase the endowment principle.