The following are questions frequently asked by Developmental Language Arts (DLA) Reading students regarding the Development Language Arts (DLA) Reading Program. 

When am I ready for an objective or text chapter test?  When a student has completed all of the work on a particular objective of his/her course, it is highly recommended to take a practice test(s) in the classroom, the LRC or on the WWW site.

Why can't I just skip chapters and take the final exam? To receive credit for the course the student is required to show a score of  80% or better on mastery tests for most objectives listed in the syllabus. In addition the student is required to demonstrate college reading level proficiency on a standardized final reading comprehension test.  There is a direct connection between successfully completing learning objectives and developing the comprehension required to pass the final  reading test.

What is the Reading Area attendance policy?  Do I have to come to class or can I just come in when I'm ready to take a test? Students are expected to attend all class sessions.  Excessive absences and work not completed may affect a student's ability to complete a course. Attendance may also effect a student's financial aid and/or VA benefits.  Attendance in classes is kept according to federal guidelines.  If a student is enrolled in Sinclair's Electronic College class attendance is not required. A student is reported as not attending, however, if no work has been completed by the end of the 4th week of the quarter.