Sinclair's African-American Studies program provides personal, professional, leadership and community development skills to all students. Since 1992, Sinclair has offered an associate of arts degree with an African-American Studies emphasis.

The Sinclair Community College Art Department offers a range of high quality courses in Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking, Art History, and Art Appreciation as well as a variety of online course options. No matter how you choose to express yourself in the visual arts, the Art program at Sinclair Community College will help you achieve your goals as you grow as an artist!

Welcome to the Child & Family Education Department! We are a diverse department that offers three degree programs for careers in Disabilities Intervention Services (DIS), Early Childhood Education (ECE) and American Sign Language Interpreting for the Deaf (ASL). Our department also includes two early childhood education centers for children ages 3-5, a library and a lab with state of the art technology. The broad range of these career programs will prepare you with the skills and competencies for employment either as an early childhood educator, a sign language interpreter or a paraprofessional service provider working with people with disabilities. We offer quality education through active, authentic learning experiences.

Communication is one of the most important things we do. It is an integral part of our daily lives - at home, school, and on our jobs. Yet, very few have mastered the basics. Yes, most of us can talk at will, but communication is much more than conversation. The Communication program includes courses in mass media, public speaking, interpersonal and small group communication.

Welcome to the Developmental Language Arts (Formerly known as The Academic Foundations (DEV) Department). DLA is dedicated to the process of providing access to all students wishing to achieve a college degree. It offers a variety of courses aimed at assisting students to develop the academic skills necessary to accomplish this goal. Both personal and academic counseling are also available to help ensure student success.

The English Department serves a large sector of Sinclair's students with comprehensive programs of college composition, business, and technical writing. In addition, we have a substantial literature and creative writing program. Beyond traditional coursework, the department hosts contests, workshops, and Flights, our literary magazine.

Do you prefer a window seat on airplanes? Do you wonder about other places in the world? Do you like to study maps? Do you want to learn about other countries and cultures? Do you like to travel? Are you a problem solver and care about the environment? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then GEOGRAPHY is for YOU!

History is both a science and an art which explains the past. As a science, history works to verify what really happened...the facts. As an art, history endeavors to construct interpretations of these facts which help to understand who we are and how we became what we are. As we study the history of other countries and cultures, we learn to understand and appreciate the extent of diversity in the world. In many ways, history is the basis of a solid college education.

The Humanities, Government, and Modern Languages Department is a multiple discipline department. We offer courses in eleven different disciplines in five discipline areas: History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies Our department philosophy is grounded in the realization that we exist to serve several groups. We are heavily involved in supporting the various occupational programs, both terminal and transfer, within the college. We also work closely with those Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences Division students intending to transfer to baccalaureate degree-granting institutions.

Interior designers work with clients to design interior spaces to meet the functional, social and psychological needs of the occupants. Interior design involves a professional approach to problem solving. Interior design includes many aspects of interior decorating, but also includes lighting, built-in cabinetry, space planning and oftentimes, the shape and material of non-load bearing partitions. Students interested in a career in Interior Design can pursue an associate degree in Interior Design. This is a career program providing state-of-the-art instruction which helps develop real world job skills.

The Dance department is designed for students who love to dance.

Whether learning language for business, travel, study, or pleasure, students can make a good start with Sinclair’s affordable and accessible courses. At Sinclair, students can learn how to communicate with people from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe: They can study Mandarin Chinese (1,052million speakers), French (128 million), German (128 million), Japanese (126 million), Russian (277 million), and Spanish (417 million).

For many years, "finding the need and endeavoring to meet it" has been a way of life at Sinclair Community College. Sinclair's Music Department seeks to do just that. As one of the few community college music departments in the country to be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, we offer our students and our fellow community members quality music education and fulfilling musical experiences.

Philosophy is a discipline that encourages students to be free thinkers. The word "philosophy" comes from two Greek words meaning "the love of wisdom." A true lover of wisdom has the ability and willingness to think beyond his or her own worlds into new perspectives. Thus, philosophy courses at Sinclair give students the tools to question critically themselves and the people around them.

Better knowledge of governing institutions and processes provide the tools to become more effective members of society. Students may want to be national political leaders, or work within the government in some capacity. Or students may want to become more involved and effective citizens within their city, county, state and nation.

The Psychology Department of Sinclair Community College is devoted to providing quality education in the study of human behavior through both the traditional classroom setting and distance learning environments. With an academically diverse faculty that reflect the many differing philosophies and subfields of psychology, we are committed to meeting the academic needs of all of our students. We count among our department's strengths, our unilateral dedication to effective teaching, our ongoing efforts to maintain a variety of courses and educational formats, and our deep appreciation for the richly diverse student population that comes to us with a variety of personal and academic backgrounds.

The academic study of religion is a challenging and exciting discipline. It seeks to understand different religious traditions in both their historical context and their living vitality. It also seeks to understand and interpret religion in general as a cultural, historical, and psychological phenomenon. It shares with many other disciplines the standards and methods of a secular college.

Sociology is a field of inquiry that studies human relationships, cultures, roles in society, cultural institutions, such as religious or ethnic groups. Social Work is a field concerned with social welfare, social problems, and interventions.

Sinclair's Theatre Department provides quality education from a faculty and staff of professionals in the areas of performance and technical theatre. As one of the few community college theatre departments in the country to perform at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre National Festival, we offer our students and our fellow community members quality theatre education and fulfilling performance experiences. Students and community members can participate on stage or behind the scenes in one of the department's many theatrical productions.

Design work is creative, fast-paced and in-demand by most businesses. Whether it is stationery, brochures, magazines, advertising, packaging, signage, television graphics, animation or multimedia, designers probably had a hand in it. Visual Communications graduates typically pursue careers as graphic designers in corporations and private design studios, advertising agencies, newspapers, magazine and book publishers and multimedia and web page production studios.