Honda PACT

Honda PACT LogoAmerican Honda's Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) program leads towards becoming a certified Honda/Acura technician.  The American Honda Corporation has established a partnership with Sinclair Community College to prepare a student for a career as an automotive service technician within a Honda/Acura dealership.


When a student enrolls in Sinclair's Honda PACT program they will be working on Honda/Acura vehicles and components during lab sessions to complete Honda/Acura modules.  The modules are designed by the corporation to train students on specific systems that will lead to the development of expertise on the Honda/Acura products.  It will require some additional work on the part of the student but for every module completed the student will receive credit from the Honda Corporation.

Achievement of this level will make the student highly desirable person for employment at a Honda/Acura dealership.

For more information contact the Honda PACT Coordinator, Jim Truxal, at 937-512-2080.

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