GM Automotive Service Educational ProgramGM Automotive Service Educational Program
GM ASEP streamlines the path to becoming a highly trained automotive technician to less than two years.  In the GM ASEP program, you will alternate between Sinclair Community College and hands-on work experience at a sponsored GM dealer.  GM ASEP instructors are highly trained in the latest in automotive trends and technology.  GM ASEP students learn how to identify, analyze and solve complex automotive problems.


Graduate with a Degree
Upon completion of the GM ASEP program at Sinclair Community College, you will earn an Associate in Applied Science.  This degree will enable you to advance your career path.  All GM ASEP graduates receive extensive credit towards GM or ACDelco certifications, making them more valuable to their employers.

Earn GM Certification
As a GM ASEP student, you will complete between 80 and 90% of the required GM training necessary to become a GM world class certified technician.  A greater knowledge base obtained through GM ASEP training will give you a competitive advantage in the workforce.

High Tech High Skill Career
Repairing today's complex vehicles requires a high degree of skill.  The GM ASEP program at Sinclair Community College will prepare you for a high-tech career.  Because of our relationship with General Motors Corporation, GM ASEP students build and refine their skill set while training on current make/model of vehicles with the latest diagnostic tools available.

A Career with a Future
Once accepted into the GM ASEP program at Sinclair Community College, students are placed into an internship program with a local, certified GM dealer.  A high percentage of GM ASEP graduates gain employment at their sponsoring GM dealer after graduation.

For more information contact the ASEP Coordinator, Chuck Taylor, at 937-512-2314.