Program Specific Information

Prerequisites to Limited Enrollment Courses

Semester 1 (Prerequisites)

Subject Code Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Non-Tech Tech
BIO 1111/1117 General Biology I 4 4 0
CHE 1111/1151 Intro. to Chemistry 4 4 0
HIM 1101 Medical Terminology 2 2 0
MAT 1130 Allied Health Math (OR MAT 1470) 3 3 0
ALH 1101 Intro. to Health Care Delivery 2 2 0
VET 1100 Intro. to Animal Sciences (or Equivalent) 1 1 1
    Totals 16 15 1

Semester 2 (Prerequisites)

Subject Code Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Non-Tech Tech
BIO 2205/2206 General Biology II 4 4 0
BIO 1211/1217 Microbiology 4 4 0
HUM 1135 Environmental Ethics 3 3 0
VET 1200 Introduction to Veterinary Technology 3 0 3
    Totals 14 11 3

Entry into Limited Enrollment VET Courses

Policies and Procedures
A.  Entry into the limited enrollment Veterinary Technology courses is a competitive process. It is based on multiple factors presented to the admissions committee in the form of a portfolio. Admission is based on a scored portfolio and should contain the following:
  1. GPA of 2.5 and transcripts.
  2. Completion of all program pre-requisites.
  3. Completion and overall score of 55% or better on the TEAS Exam.
  4. Resume.
  5. 3 letters of recommendation.
  6. Student essay.
  7. Documented animal contact hours (at least 10).
B.  ePortfolios are due to the department chair between the March 15 and April 30th of the academic year leading into the program’s official start Summer Semester. Cohorts only begin each Summer Semester. Please feel free to stop by our office in 9217 or email to have your name added to the Vet Tech eLearn Community so that you can see an example of the ePortfolio.
C.  Proof of tetanus immunization is due in to the Surgery and Veterinary Services office during the application process or prior to the end of the first semester in the program. Rabies immunizations will be recommended.
D. Good luck and we look forward to having you in our program!

Immunization and Vaccination Requirements

A current Tetanus immunization is required for entry into limited enrollment courses.

Mental and Physical Qualifications

1. Have manual dexterity/motor coordination, hand-eye coordination, physical communication, visual acuity, and effective verbal communication.
2. Be able to lift 50 pounds.