Specialized Learning Spaces

The Health Sciences (HS) Division is comprised of twelve departments offering over forty degree and certificate programs. Student learning occurs in modern classrooms containing the latest technology and software applications. Within the Division, there are numerous state-of-the-art laboratories that mirror the environments students will experience in community settings.   Many of the programs utilize human-patient simulators to maximize student learning, prior to entering the clinical courses. 

Descriptions of the HS Division's specialized learning spaces include:

Allied Health – The department has a large, well-equipped laboratory to support its certificate offerings. It includes hospital beds, patient monitoring equipment, ambulatory aids and other equipment routinely located in hospital and long-term care facilities.

Dental Health Sciences – The department offers a dedicated twenty-chair clinic that provides dental hygiene treatment to patients within the Miami Valley region. In addition to the clinic, the program has a sterilizing/dispensary area, patient reception area, state-of-the-art radiology suite with traditional and digital equipment, patient simulation laboratory, comprehensive model lab for construction of study models, computer lab with 40 computers and student locker room.

Exercise, Nutrition & Sport Sciences – The department utilizes a comprehensive physical activity center serving, students, faculty, staff and members from the community. The facility includes a 35,000 square foot fieldhouse, gymnasium, wellness and performance lab, group exercise studios, swimming pool and weight room.  

Health Information Management – The department has a dedicated laboratory with 18 computers where students can access the various HIM professional software programs used for coding medical records, configuring reimbursement for medical services rendered, and accounting for release of medical information.

Medical Assistant Technology – The department has a well-equipped laboratory that simulates a physician office. Students will have access to patient charts, examination equipment, physiologic monitoring devices, and medication dispensing supplies. Students will also utilize medical billing software.

Mental Health Technology – The department has two general purpose laboratories for therapeutic group sessions and related activities/exercises. One laboratory is equipped with a two-way mirror so sessions can be observed, videotaped and later shared with student participants.

Nursing – The department has three skills laboratories and two human patient simulation laboratories. The skills labs are equipped with manikins, electric hospital beds, portable suction machines, and comprehensive lab supplies for skills practice, including IV pumps, and IV manikin arms. They also contain disposable supplies for dressing changes, catheterization, suctioning, feeding and medication administration. The simulation labs are equipped with lifelike human simulators in electric hospital beds in mock hospital rooms. Simulations can be videotaped for critique and review with student participants.

Occupational Therapy Assistant – The department has a large laboratory that contains a simulated living environment where students learn to assist others with an impairment to live and function independently. It contains equipment and supplies individuals with developmental deficits, injury or illness use to accomplish activities of daily living in the home or work environment.

Physical Therapist Assistant – The department utilizes two specialized laboratory spaces for instruction prior to entry into clinical practice. The laboratory contains anatomical models, exercise equipment, ambulatory aids and patient testing devices.

Radiologic Technology – The department has a large laboratory with fully functional traditional and digital x-ray equipment. It also contains a dark room, anatomical models and computers with high resolution monitors used to view x-ray images.

Respiratory Care – The department has a large laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate student learning prior to their clinical experiences.  The laboratory contains oxygen therapy devices, equipment to administer breathing treatments, pulmonary function equipment and mechanical ventilators. 

Surgical Technology – The department has a laboratory designed to function like a modern operating room.  It has a complete set up of all traditional surgical equipment, instruments, and supplies to create a 'real' hands-on and experiential learning environment for students.