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Respiratory Care Program Specific Information

Prerequisites into limited enrollment courses

Subject Code Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Lecture Lab
HIM 1101 Medical Terminology 2 2  
MAT 1130 Allied Health Math 3 3  
CHE 1111 Introduction to Chemistry I 4 3 2
BIO 1107 Human Biology 3 2 2
RET 1100 Introduction to Respiratory Care 1 1  
    Totals  13    

Competitive Selection Process

The program’s technical courses with limited enrollment begin once a year in the fall term. As space is limited, a competitive selection process will be employed. Annually after the deadline date (May 15th), each student will be assessed using a rubric. The total points scored from the rubric will be based on GPA and grades achieved for the required prerequisite courses. Bonus points will be awarded for successful completion of required general education courses and prior degrees. In case of a tie, the date the student added RET as a program of study will be used to make selection decisions.

Respiratory Care Admission Rubric

Background Check Requirement

Students must participate in a state and federal background check for criminal convictions prior to attending clinical rotations, obtaining a license to practice and to become employed. Additional costs will be incurred by the student to cover these expenses. Depending on the outcome of the background check, it is possible that the student will be denied access to the clinical environment and therefore be unable to complete the program.

Immunization and Vaccination Requirements

A physical exam and applicable immunizations (including the Hepatitis B vaccine) and completion of healthcare provider cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are required before entering the first clinical rotation. The physical examination and immunizations can cost over $750 if the student does not have personal health insurance. A repeat tuberculosis skin test and annual flu vaccine are required during the second clinical year.