Requirements and Departmental Prerequisites

General Requirements for all majors:

  1. Enrolled in a degree program
  2. Currently registered with a GPA of 2.0 or above
  3. Complete Departmental Prerequisites (listed below)

Departmental Prerequisites

Listed below are the academic prerequisites required before a student is eligible to participate in the Internship Program.  Basic coursework is required to develop entry-level skills necessary to compete in the job market and perform successfully in the workplace; therefore, learning objectives are developed from fundamentals learned in the courses. Employers may require additional courses, skill-sets or a minimum GPA. These prerequisites are also required of students already employed in career-related jobs. 

Internship Course Prerequisites

Accounting:  Department Chair Approval

Business Information Systems:  BIS 1220, BIS 1230, BIS 1240, BIS 1250, BIS 1260, BIS 2140 and Department Approval; Medical Office-same as above, plus HIM 1101, HIM 1160

Computer Science:  CIS 1107, CIS 1111, CIS 1411 or CIS 2510 and Department Approval

Management:  MAN 2150, BIS 1120, MRK 2101, MAT 2170, an additional 9 credit hours of MAN/MKT courses and Department Approval

Hospitality Management & Tourism:  20 credit hours completed and Departmental Approval

Culinary Arts:  25 credit hours completed and Departmental Approval


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