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Since 1954, Sinclair Community College has partnered with area businesses and organizations to provide Internship work/learning opportunities for students through the Sinclair Business and Public Services Program. Sinclair Interns have proven to be a valuable resource to area employers both before and after graduation. Many organizations consider participation in the program a long-range investment in their success, as well as a vehicle to retain local talent in the Miami Valley.

The importance of work-based learning opportunities has continued to increase for both students and business. As the workplace changes and becomes more competitive, students recognize they must develop the necessary skills, competencies and experiences that will ensure their marketability not only after graduation, but also throughout their careers.

With increasingly lean budgets and staffing, employers know the importance of hiring the ‘right’ candidate for the job. Accurate hiring can be increased when a candidate’s work habits and skills can be observed prior to making a long-term commitment. Hiring student interns to work in entry-level positions provides such an opportunity for employers.

Many participating employers have had Sinclair interns in the past; they realize the benefits to both the student and the company and are eager to offer the same opportunities to current students while also benefiting their organization.

You are welcome to submit a job posting to the internship office so that it may be advertised to interested students in the following fields:


            Business Information Systems, including Medical Office concentrations

            Computer Information Systems




To post a position, send an email to Jessy Jones, Internship Coordinator for the Business and Public Services Division.  Please include:

            Job title and description

            How the student is to apply

            Pay rate, if applicable

            Any specific requirements such as GPA, previous experience, etc.

            Scheduling information

            Position closing date, if applicable





Contact Information:

Jessy Jones, Internship Program Coordinator



Building 5, Room 5113

Office Phone:

(937) 512-3753

Office Fax:

(937) 512-2437




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