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     To prepare new students for the rigors of the Sinclair Paralegal program, the PAR department hosted its first student orientation on August 27, 2005. About four dozen incoming freshmen attended the Saturday session.




Marina Dodaro explains the importance of scheduling time on campus to take advantage of Sinclair technology.






A panel of four current paralegal students gave study & survival tips to the new PAR enrollees.



     Perhaps the highlight of the session was the opportunity for those newly enrolled to hear from a panel of four experienced PAR students, Denise Moon, Kathleen Kantorzyk, Tiffany Johns, and Crystal Reed. The panel warned the audience that PAR requirements are rigorous and homework is extensive, so they advised good organizational skills and diligence.


The new students learned a lesson in professional behavior by witnessing one student who was a constant disruption through the first half of the orientation session. Then it was revealed that Kathleen Kantorzyk was play acting to demonstrate how late arrival, taking cell phone calls, playing computer games, and similar behavior during class can distract other students from learning.


     Acting Business Division Dean Charlotte Wharton welcomed the incoming students and told them about the quality reputation of the Sinclair Paralegal program. Prof. Debbie Badonsky took the lead in organizing the orientation event, and explained Sinclair’s student-centered learning policies. PAR Chair Bonnie Shane was traveling, but checked in long-distance to greet new students. Darlene Dunn advised students about professional expectations that practicing attorneys hold for paralegals. Marina Dodaro filled in the freshmen on technology issues. And Mike Brigner explained the PAR Honesty Policy.