The study of Supply Chain Management involves consideration and application of processes to develop coordinated supplier-to-consumer systems, including:  identifying needs for raw materials, supplies, and components; developing specifications; computing quantity requirements; selecting sources and negotiating agreements; acquiring, transporting, and storing inventory; managing and maintaining operations; and logistics management.
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National Science Foundation (NSF) Involvement:
National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education
Norco College (of the Riverside, California Community College District) and Sinclair Community College (Dayton, Ohio) have collaborated with national partners to plan the creation of a National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education.
The development of a National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education will address two critical issues. First, logistics and supply chain technology are important industries nationwide and offer career ladders to well paying jobs. In the past, manufacturing offered such opportunities, but with overall manufacturing employment growth stagnant or declining, employment in supply chain and support industries is growing and projected to add over 800,000 jobs by 2018 (EMSI). Second, the U.S. Department of Defense is on the verge of a retirement-driven talent crisis. By 2015, 54% of the federal acquisition (logistics) workforce will retire (Aviation Week and Space Technology). The development of a national center will provide a mechanism to support the growth and replacement of talent in this vital economic sector.
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Co Principal Investigator: National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education
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