The Sinclair Criminal Justice Training Academy is pleased to announce that we are expanding our Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTA) Private Security Training Course (CJS1181).

 With the increased outlook on the security profession for the next several years, we want our graduates to have the highest level of training to make them the most attractive to prospective employers.  Certification could make the difference when like candidates are competing for a position.


Starting in August 2013, the Academy will again expand the standard OPOTA course to include:


-          160 hour OPOTA Basic Training, including:

            - Legal Issues & Evidence

            - Human Relations

            - Communications & Report Writing

            - Loss Prevention

            - Safety & Protective Services

            - Self Defense

            - CPR & First Aid

-          20 hour pistol course*

-          X-26 Taserâ certification

-          Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray) certification

-          ASP collapsible baton certification

-          Building search training


You will receive 3 credit hours for this course which can be applied toward your academic degree.

Financial aid is available through the financial aid office (937-512-3000).

*Note: Fingerprint background checks are required for this component and will be conducted at the college with no cost to the student.  Students with disqualifying convictions will not be permitted to take the firearm component.