Sinclair Community College collaborated with the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base to earn a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant (NSF Grant #0516225).  The successful grant application provided funding for 4 years (2004-08).  Following is the part of the grant proposal submitted by AFIT and Sinclair Community College:

AFIT and Sinclair Community College in Dayton Ohio seek to form an educational partnership for the advancement of information assurance (IA) awareness, education, and knowledge.  By forming this partnership, we will develop faculty resources and produce a curriculum which is unique and much needed by industry, government, first responders, and law enforcement.  Both of our institutions are well-established and serve a large cross-section of student populations within our respective areas of concentration.  This partnership will allow AFIT faculty, IA curricula, and laboratory resources to be shared with Sinclair faculty as we seek to further grow their IA faculty and programs.

The faculty development portion of this effort seeks to build upon existing Sinclair faculty IT expertise to extend their academic programs into the IA arena.  The Center for Information Security Educatin and Reserarch (CISER) proposes to share course and laboratory material with Sinclair faculty.  But material, by itself, does not allow for full development of the curriculum.  Investments into faculty growth must be made to allow a curriculum to grow to its fullest extent.  We have identified Sinclair faculty who are currently teaching IT courses.  These faculty have extensive backgrounds in software development as well as IT education and training. 

Among the accomplishments resulting from this partnership and grant are the following:

  • CNSS 4011 confirmed 2006
  • CNSS 4011 renewed 2011
  • Approximately 100 students have completed the required 4011 course work and earned the associated certificate
  • CNSS 4013 submission in August 2011
  • CAE2Y application submitted in 2011
  • Faculty education and expertise improved through academic course work completed at AFIT
  • Mutliple new and revised courses incuded in the Sinclair curriculum

Sinclair Community College also collaborated with AFIT in hosting the pre-conference workshops for the 2011 Colloquium on Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) held at AFIT in June 2011.  The workshops were conducted in lab facilities at Sinclair Community College and brought subject matter experts in mobile device forensics, ethical hacking, mobile device security and other topics to the campus for two days of intensive workshops.  The CISSE conference brought together approximately 250 leading figures and professionals from academia, government, and industry to discuss the national need for security and assurance of our information and communications infrastructures.  Multiple Sinclair Community College faculty members participated in the conference and the workshops.