Transfer Updates

                      Sinclair Community College



Morehead State University

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in College of Business (includes: Accounting; Business and Information Tech Ed.; BIS; CIS; Economics; Finance;  Management; Marketing; Real Estate)
I.   Effective Fall Quarter 2006
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  • The course entitled Introduction to Windows OS for the Network Manager (CIS 108) will be offered for the final time Spring Quarter 2006.  The course content of CIS 107 Introduction to Operating Systems will be revised to incorporate the concepts previously covered in CIS 108.
II.   Effective Winter Quarter 2006 III.  Effective Fall Quarter 2005
  • ECO 201-203 will be replaced with  ECO 216 and  ECO 218. One course will be Microeconomics and one course will cover Macroeconomics.  Students will be able to take them in any order.  While this has been considered for some time, the recent change at Wright State and impending changes for the Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) from the Ohio Board of Regents has made this a timely endeavor.  Now transfer to other institutions will be much easier and more “seamless."
  • Computer Programming Design & Logic (CIS 110) will be deleted and its content will be folded into a single four credit hour course entitled Introduction to Computer Programming (CIS 111).  This new course will contain an introduction to logical problem solving techniques used in programming and will focus on developing problem solving and program design abilities.
  • Programming in C++ will be available in a new three course sequence for four credit hours each.  The new courses will be entitled Programming in C++ I (CIS 233); Programming in C++II (CIS 234)/ and Programming in C++ III (CIS 236) 
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Franklin University 
I.    Effective Fall Quarter 2005—New Degree Opportunities 

      Bachelor of Science in Marketing
      Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  • Earn an Associate’s degree (at least 60 semester hours and a 2.5 GPA)
  • Take “bridge” courses at Sinclair Community College  while taking online classes through Franklin University
  • Receive your Bachelor’s degree from Franklin University  after completing a minimum of 40 semester credit hours online

 Wright State University
I.   Effective Fall Quarter 2003
  • MKT 301 and MKT 302 combined into one, 4-credit hour course now MKT 300 
  • Students with only MRK 201 will be required to take MKT 300 at WSU which will involve some duplication of material
  • To avoid duplication of material, Sinclair students should complete both MRK 201 and MRK 202 before transferring to WSU
II.  Effective Fall Quarter 2004
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) option has been discontinued
  • All majors transferring to Raj Soin College of Business will complete common curriculum
  • Students who were MIS majors, admitted to Sinclair before Summer 2004, who have completed the C++ language sequence prior to Fall 2004 and transfer by Fall 2005, will receive non- business elective credit.  They will then complete a bridge course providing JAVA preparation since that will be the current programming language at WSU
  • Students interested in pursuing MIS as a Bachelor's concentration are encouraged to complete CIS 280 Java Programming I and CIS 281 Java Programming II at Sinclair 

III.  Effective Fall Quarter 2008

  • Wright State University strongly encourages all prospective transfer students to complete COM 211--Effective Public Speaking prior to transfer. 
  • Students interested in majoring in International Business are encouraged to take one sequence from the following choices:

FRE 201, 202, 203 or
GER 201, 202, 203 or
SPA 201, 202, 203