University Parallel Degree
What is a University Parallel Degree?

Designed to provide transfer to a four year institution rather than job preparation

Sinclair students complete core Business and general education requirements for the first two years of a four-year program

A University Parallel Program produces an Associate of Science degree providing students with junior status upon transfer

Articulation agreements have not been updated with specific four year institutions effective Fall 2012 or become part of the Sinclair Guarantee but the basic Business Administration program will satisfy the Ohio Transfer Module

Completing the Transfer Module at Sinclair prior to transferring to a four-year institution, guarantees completion of the transfer module requirements at any state college or university in the state of Ohio

Effective Fall semester 2012, students who wish to transfer, should follow the  basic Business Administration Program. However, it is strongly suggested that students should contact the school to which they plan to transfer to verify the application of their course credits and secure written verification of course/degree application.