Wittenberg University School of Community Education

Contact Person:    Elma Lee Moore or Paul Parlato
Phone: (937) 327-7012 or (800) 677-7558

Web address: www.wittenberg.edu/academics


Breif Description of Program:

Over half our adult students are two year transfers, most from Clark State, Edison, and Sinclair Community College.  The majority of our recent adult graduates are also two-year transfers.  Our campus in Springfield is 14 minutes from the I-70/I-675 crossing/ interchange

Evening/Weekend: BA degree concentration in Organizational Leadership or Health Care Leadership within the Liberal Studies major. Students may also propose an Independently Designed concentration (requires the use of the Day schedule).  Most courses meet once a week. Our @witt/@home format, combining limited classroom meetings and interactive web activities (using WebCT, the same platform that Sinclair uses!) makes coming to Wittenberg easier than ever.

Day: Over 40 degree majors and teacher licensures available.  Adults have enrolled in Art, Biology, Communication, Chemistry, East Asian Studies, Education, English, Management, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Spanish and Theater/Dance.

$$$: Our Adult charge - $313/semester credit, equating to $209 per quarter credit - compares favorably to the charges at other private colleges and even state-supported schools. This moderate tuition policy, coupled with various forms of government-funded aid, our own Adult Access Award, and federal tuitions tax credits up to $2,000 per year, puts Wittenberg well within reach of most adults.


Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships: Members of PYK in good standing enrolling as either adult or traditional students receive a half-tuition scholarship renewable for the student’s entire stay at Wittenberg.  Ask for our summary of PTK Scholarship provisions.


Semester System: Our typical 4-credit course means full-time standing with just three courses. Most Day courses meet MWF or T, Th.; most Evening/Weekend courses meet once a week.


Character: Wittenberg attracts students who want “something more.”  Features of this “serious education” include:  small classes (typically 15-30); high challenge -- lots of reading, essay exams and papers required in most courses; strong support from faculty, and other students and Workshops in Writing and in Math; extremely talented faculty.  Best of all, your classmates are the kind of people you want to study with -- highly motivated and responsive to ideas.


Sinclair Linkage: Wittenberg is a selective school.  We are also a very caring school.  After all, the Wittenberg mission is the “education of the whole person.”  In keeping with this commitment, we are highly personal in our dealing with adults.  Admission and registration procedures are brief and uncomplicated. Advisement is clear, continuous and personal.  We want you not merely to enroll but succeed; our graduation rate in relation to overall enrollment is extremely high.



Contact the School of Community Education at 327-7012 or, outside the Springfield area, at (800)-677-7558 or by e-mail at SCE@wittenberg.edu.