The University of West Alabama
(In association with Columbia Southern University)

Bachelor of Science in Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Technology is designed for those students who wish to receive college credit for military, vocational, industrial, or other types of technical training. Students may transfer up to 42 hours of technical training into the program.     A specific program of study for each student is designed on the basis of his/her career goals and previous training. An approved written contract will be provided that lists all course requirements.

Admission Requirements
To qualify for the program, students must have experience such as military, business, industry, government, or other forms of vocational-technical course work as that earned through a community college. Beyond the above requirement, admission requirements into the B.S. in Technology are the same as other undergraduate programs at UWA. For more information, view the Admissions Requirements at for this program.

Transfer Credit
Of the 120-hour program, a minimum of 30 hours must be completed with UWA.
Academic Credit: A maximum of 60 hours may be transferred from a two-year college. The 60 hour maximum includes credit awarded from military, technical, and vocational training/course work.  Additional credit may be transferred from a four-year college/university.

A maximum of 42 hours of technical credit may be transferred from any of the following or a combination of the following:

Military: Technical credit can be awarded for documented military training and experience (maximum of 42 hours).
Vocational/Technical Course Work: Satisfactory completion of 32 semester hours of technical credit
within a single discipline, with a maximum of 42 hours overall.
Technical Training: Includes business, industrial, or government training. 1200 hours of documented technical training including but not limited to continuing education units, technical training programs, certificate programs, or other types of technical training (maximum 42 hours)

Program Components
General Education Basic Curriculum

50 hours 

Technical/Vocational Area
(For those students who do not transfer the complete 42 hours, Technology courses are available to be taken online.)

42 hours

Professional Courses (Business Emphasis)
(Upper level courses. Courses will be selected to enhance students educational and career objectives.)

21 hours

(May be awarded for approved experiential work)

6 hours


1 hour


120 hours

For more information or to Apply for Admission, visit or call 800-977-8449.