Ohio University Independent and Distance Learning

Contact: Jodie Van Winkle Phone: (614) 367-9371, ext. 726 or vanwinkl@ohio.edu

Web Address: www.ohiou.edu or www.Ohio.edu/sinclair.edu

Brief Description of Program:

The Ohio University Community College Partnerships provide a path for Associate degree holders to earn an affordable Bachelor's degree where they live and work.

Based on this collaboration between Sinclair Community College and Ohio University, online classes from Ohio University provide options to complete several required courses at Sinclair.  The Sinclair graduate would then earn a baccalaureate degree from Ohio University in either of two current programs of study: a Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS) or a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ).  These programs would allow students with even a technical degree (i.e. A.A.S.) to follow a prescribed curriculum for completion of the baccalaureate program.  No campus attendance is required, and academic advisors who are specialists in distance learning are available to assist you. 

In every course we offer, you will find our commitment to the academic quality that characterizes Ohio University.  When you enroll, you will join students who are taking advantage of learning that has no limit on age, time or place. We know you will find the courses that are right for you.