Ohio Learning Network

Web address: www.oln.org

Regional coordinator email: swohiodls@oln.org

On-Line catalog: http://www.ohiolearns.org/

Breif Description of Program:

The Ohio Learning Network is a consortium of Ohio colleges and universities that offer degrees and courses at a distance. OLN helps Ohioans find programs and courses that will help them reach their educational goals. OLN also assists colleges and universities to enhance their capacity and effectiveness in using technology in instruction and research.

Ohio Learning Network

  • OLN promotes access to distance education for all Ohioans. Regardless of where you live, technology brings the best educational and professional resources to everyone
  • OLN is Ohio’s collaborative resource for distance education and degree completion information. OhioLearns! on-line catalog contains more than 1500 distance education courses and 45 degrees in undergraduate, graduate, credit, and non-credit arenas – and covering a wide range of subjects offered by accredited two- and- four year, public and private institutions.
  • OLN provides regional coordinators who work to help you achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals.

... to the Ohio Learning Network ...Ohio's premiere e-learning site!
We aggregate services and resources so Ohioans can meet their learning potential, Ohio’s economy can grow, and Ohio colleges and universities can continue to be knowledge leaders. OLN helps Ohioans find educational programs that meet their needs, works with colleges and universities using technology to improve teaching and learning, and helps build partnerships among higher education, schools, businesses, and communities. OLN was created in 1999 following a statewide committee recommendation (pdf). Our home office is in Columbus, Ohio, and our Regional Coordinators provide a local presence across the state.