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Contact Person:  Molly Vanderpool
Phone: (765) 973-8415

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Breif Description of Program:


Associate of General Studies and

Bachelor of General Studies with Concentrations in

Arts and Humanities

Science and Mathematics

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Designed for adults who have not had an opportunity to complete a degree because of family obligations, employment demands, or inaccessibility to a college campus.

  • Offers flexibility to create a program fitted to individual needs, while taking courses that are the same as those taken for other disciplines.

  • Degree requirements may be completed at your own pace.

  • Credits may be earned through enrolling in campus courses, through correspondence courses, transfer credit from previously attended colleges, or from Prior Learning experiences.   General Studies offers alternative ways to earn college credit.

  • Credit awarded for self-acquired competency.   To demonstrate competency a student may compile a portfolio of college-level knowledge gained outside the classroom; the portfolio will be evaluated by faculty members.  Credit may also be earned through examination and military service.

  • General Studies degrees require course work in three areas of learning:   Arts and Humanities Science and Mathematics; Social and Behavioral Sciences.  These provide a comprehensive basic education; elective course work may be concentrated in students’ areas of personal interest or to develop a second area of expertise.

  • Career opportunities are rich and varied for those holding a General Studies degree.   People earn a General Studies degree to advance their career, go on to graduate programs or professional schools, or simply for personal enrichment.

The youngest of Indiana University's eight campuses, Indiana University East is proud of its campus of over 200 acres featuring four academic and administrative buildings.  At IU East you will find the ideal mix of large university opportunities with small college attention and comfort.  Faculty dedicated to teaching and the success of their students, help individuals choose the right field from more than 40 degree programs.  Students can take advantage of services to support academic success and to prepare for their careers.  A newly established honors program provides an intellectually enriched curriculum for highly motivated students in a baccalaureate program. IU East graduates earn an IU diploma backed by its international reputation for academic excellence at an affordable cost.  With two off-campus sites, in New Castle and Connerville, Indiana, IU East makes the dream of earning an IU degree close to home real.  Non-traditional students, over the age of 25, make up almost half of the student population.  Flexible course schedules with day, evening, and weekend classes provide an environment that many these students find accommodating.  At the same time, the university also has many features that are attractive to the traditional-aged student including more than 20 student organizations, and intercollegiate and intramural athletics.  The wireless campus is supported by a strong technological infrastructure, including 14 smart classrooms and modern computer labs fully equipped with cutting–edge technology and WCTV, the Richmond area public assess television station.