Governers State University

Contact Person: Judy Gustawson
Phone: (800) GSU-8GSU, ext 4086

Web address:

Brief Description of Program:

The Board of Governors B.A. is an adult focused program that can be completed entirely through distance learning methods. It is a flexible general studies degree program for adults that allow a student to balance education with their work and family commitments. Students may complete the program by combining distance education courses from GSU, from Sinclair or from other Ohio institutions. We welcome your interest and encourage you to visit our web address.

Degree requirements include residency of 24 semester hours from GSU (which may be taken through distance learning courses); 40 semester hours of upper division credit (16 may be taken at approved Ohio institutions), and 120 hours total for degree, providing other requirements are satisfied. Completion of University General Education, Completion of Orientation, and Directed Self-Placement requirement.

Advising is available by telephone appointment or through e-mail communication.

Features of the program:

  1. Open to students with at least 75-quarter hours of academic credit. A student can be enrolled in Sinclair and GSU concurrently and may be considered for early admission with 45 quarter hours of “C” course work completed
  2. Individualized curriculum designed by an academic advisor to meet your professional goals and interests.
  3. More than fifty television, correspondence and Internet courses (new courses added every term) are available from GSU to fulfill residency and graduation requirements.
  4. Transfer up to 120-quarter hours of lower division credit from Sinclair or other approved other institutions.
  5. Transfer up to 16 semester hours of upper division credit from Ohio or other institutions.
  6. Pay low tuition of approximately $118 per credit hour.
  7. May develop a portfolio based on documentation of prior learning to apply toward graduation credit.
  8. Enjoy the benefits of the partnership between Sinclair Community College and GSU with your academic home base in Dayton

Governors State University is an upper division public university located in University Park, Illinois accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

To receive further information, please call – 1-800-GSU-8GSU and ask for extension 4092; or write to