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Bowling Green State University offers the ultimate educational experience. With an outstanding faculty committed to students, an appreciation for diversity, the newest technology, friendly students and a real balance of classroom and co-curricular activities.

If you're a student who has attempted 12 or more hours at a college or university since high school and are considering starting fresh, you don't have to start over. At BGSU, we understand your concerns. We have set up a system that allows you to transfer the credits you've already earned. And we've made the process simple, because we know that the sooner you transfer, the sooner you'll be able to begin the biggest adventure of your life.

To learn more about transferring to BGSU, visit the following links.

    The specifics of what you need to submit to complete the application process to BGSU.
    Learn more about the academic credentials used to determine admission to BGSU for transfer students.
    A listing of deadlines for all applications and admission credentials.
    Outlines the specifics of how credits transfer from other accredited institutions to BGSU.
    Explains campus residency conditions.
    Explains scholarship requirements and how to apply.

For more information, contact:

Francey Ackerman-Edelen
Advisor and Recruiter
Program Services, Rm. 105
College of Technology Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403-0304-01
Phone: (419) 372-7581 or (888) 708-3240 (toll free)
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