Purdue University College of Technology

At Richmond, Indiana

Contact Person:  Michael Swain

Phone:  (765) 973-8228


Web address:    www.richmond.tech.purdue.edu


Brief Description of Program:


Purdue University College of Technology at Richmond offers Purdue University Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Technology and Organizational Leadership & Supervision in Richmond, Indiana (on the Ohio border).


Purdue welcomes credits for most Sinclair Community College coursework.  Additionally, up to 59 semester hours of specifically identified Sinclair coursework (and a possible additional 15 hours of elective credits , if at a 300 level or above) can distribute into the 121 credit B.S. Industrial Technology degree, due to a recent articulation agreement.  A similar articulation agreement is being proposed for the B.S. Organizational Leadership & Supervision degree.  You can consult a Purdue academic advisor regarding transfer and distribution questions.


Purdue University College of Technology at Richmond  is also part of the Indiana/Ohio reciprocal tuition agreement, allowing in-state tuition for Ohio residents of Butler, Darke, Mercer, Preble, Shelby, and Van Wert counties.  Current in-state tuition (as of March 2005) is $142.75/credit hour.

Weekend and evening classes are available.  One-year certificate programs and two-year associate degree programs are available, as well.