Career Program

What is a Career Program Degree?

  • Career programs are also called "technical" degree programs
  • Designed to help students secure a job, or advance in current job or learn new knowledge/skills.
  • A student can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree upon completion.
  • Students begin taking courses immediately in the business program major area (Exception: exclude special admission Paralegal program).
  • Students apply classroom theories in modern laboratories that simulate the business environment.
  • Career programs provide internship opportunities that provide on-the-job experiences as well as serve to meet degree requirements.
  • Courses will transfer to a four-year institution but students should contact the school to which they plan to transfer to verify the application of their course credits and secure written verification of course/degree application.
  • Many four-year institutions now offer Bachelor's degree completion opportunities.
    Consult a Business and Public Services Division academic advisor for more details.