Registration Blocks

The following situations represent the most common to affect your ability to register.  If they occur, it will be considered a “registration block,” and your registration will not be processed.  Please contact your Business and Public Services academic advisor for further assistance.  
  • Attempting to register for sequential modules or courses within the same quarter
  • Academic status is “PR” (probation) or ”DS” (dismissed) or ”DR” (dismissed readmitted)
  • Academic status is "AI" (academic intervention) and using the Web Advisor to register for an on-line (Distance Learning) course
  • Degree/certificate seeking with no placement tests or official transfer credits
  • Attempting to register for Distance Learning (DL) course(s) and cumulative GPA not 2.0, or have previously registered but posted grade shows "W", "N", "P" or "X" (Note: Effective Winter Quarter 2012, "How To Succeed in an Online Course" will be a prerequisite for all SinclairOnline courses. Students who have already successfully completed HTS or have earned a "C" or better in a Sinclair Online course during Fall 2008 or after are exempt.)
  • Registering for course where no prerequisite has been completed
  • Prerequisite previously failed or withdrawn and unable to register for next level course
  • Minimum reading course of DEV 0010 not completed (no “P” grade has been posted)
  • Currently registered for prerequisite (not yet transcripted)
  • Transfer course credit equivalency has not been set in system by Sinclair
  • Attempting to register for more than 19 credit hours
  • Attempting to register for a course with an overlapping meeting time
  • Money owed on your account (NSF checks; over awards from Financial Aid, etc.)
  • Course or section is restricted (requires Dept. or Chair’s approval, etc.)
  • Grade of “C” or better has not been received for a sequential MAT course NOTE: Effective Fall 2010 students registering for a MAT course are required to have completed the prerequisite course not more than one calendar year (four consecutive quarters or three consecutive semesters) prior to the term for which they are registering.
  • Grade of “C” or better not been received for any DEV, EMS or PAR course 
  • No “active” program/major identified in the computer system
  • Not enrolled at Sinclair and have not submitted an Application for Admission in the past twelve months