Facility Projects

Sinclair’s commitment to providing an energy efficient campus pre-dates the current evolution of energy related initiatives. Beginning in the mid 1990’s, the college began a series of projects designed to reduce energy consumption.

Some examples of the type projects that have been undertaken to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency since that time are listed below:


Project Year Remarks
Exterior pylon lighting upgraded to LED 2010 From 50 watts each to 8 watts
Participate in DPL Demand Response 2010 Shed electrical load on peak electrical consumption days
Lighting upgrades bldg 20 2010 T-8’s to T-5 in all high bay areas, replaced 863 fixtures with 88 realizing 2 times the foot candles for 1/3 the power.
Participate in DPL Demand Response 2009 Shed electrical load on peak electrical consumption days
Food Service Contractor “Aramark” installing reduced energy rated vending machines 2009 Replacing 15 per year over the next 4 years
Lighting upgrades Gym, Field house & weight room 2009 Changed mercury Vapor to Metal Halide pulse start realizing more foot candles at substantially less energy
Lighting upgrades Campus Wide 2009 Connector Bridges under lighting changed mercury vapor lights to metal halide pulse start realizing 1/3 the fixtures with 2 times the foot candles and consuming 1/3 the energy
Changed track lighting in bldg 14 w/LED 2009  
Replaced bldg number lights with LED 2009  
Lighting upgrades bldg 17 2009 T-8 to T-5
Clean & Refurbish Wells 2010  
Replace Air Handler bldg 2 2009  
Roof Replacement bldgs 4,5,6 2009  
Roof Replacement bldg 12 2009  
Board approved Strategic Energy Plan for SCC 2008 Established internal guidelines for compliance with HB-251
Upgrade BAS controls 2008  
Replace Air Handlers bldg 4 2008  
Roof Replacement bldg 20 2008  
Replace Air Handler bldg 6 2007  
Roof Replacement bldg 15 2007  
Replace air handler bldg 5 2007  
Roof Replacement bldg 19 2006  
Replace hot water heaters bldg 12 2006  
Roof Replacement bldgs 3,7 2006  
Replace chiller bldg 12 2006  
New exhaust system bldg 20 2005  
Replace Air handler and control system bldg 16 2005  
Replaced air handlers bldg 7 2005 Newer technology & efficiency
Replaced Chiller bldg 12 2005  
Replaced speed drives bldg 10,11,12 2005  
Replaced VAV boxes bldg12 2005  
Replaced air handlers bldgs 4,8 2004  
Installed “Isol’e power strips to 40 computers 2004 Motion sensor Shuts off monitor after 15 minutes of no use
Installed Vending Miser controls 2004 Motion, infrared, ultrasonic
Installed 51 lighting controls 2004 Motion, infrared, ultrasonic
Installed 100 lighting controls 2003 Motion, infrared, ultrasonic
Placed bridges on photocell sensors for day lighting reduction 2002  
Lighting controls in custodial closets & RR’s 2002  
Upgrade Lights Lot B 2000  
Lighting Phase IV Bldgs 12,13,15,16 2000 T-12 to T-8
Replace Chillers bldgs 9,10,11 1999 T-12 to T-8
Lighting Phase III bldgs 8,9,10,11, 1999 T-12 to T-8
Lighting Phase II bldgs 4,5,6,7 1998 T-12 to T-8
Lighting Phase I bldgs 1,2,3 1997 T-12 to T-8
Convert Steam to Nat’l Gas 1996  
Chillers replaced Bldg 9-10-11 1996  
Replace Building Automation (BAS) 1996 Energy efficient controls of HVAC

Projected benefits:

  • HVAC Troubleshooting through BAS has a shorter response
  • Built in system gives alert of problems before occupants know they exist, resulting in decreased calls
  • Improved lighting and decreased glare on computer screens
  • Reduced lamp mercury content
  • Nearly total elimination of incandescent bulbs
  • Better insulation factors in properly maintained roofs
  • Higher efficiency with air handlers and HVAC systems with energy efficient technology