Certified Green Offices at Sinclair

The following are offices at Sinclair that meet the "Green Office" certification. Office suites become “Certified Green Offices” by:

  1. Getting at least 75% of the office suite personnel to join the ongoing green office effort
  2. Scheduling a site review
  3. Meeting at least 10 of the checklist items
  4. Working to complete any unchecked items

President’s Office
suite (12-213, 12-214, 12-215)


  • 14 people share a refrigerator and a microwave (between President’s office and Advancement office)
  • Using recycled paper for the Board.  Looking into going paperless for internal Board materials.
  • In 12-213, daylight and high efficiency desk lights allow ceiling lights to be kept off.

Facilities Management
suite (17-125)


  • Installed motion sensors to control lights.  (available to others through work order)
  • “Watt Stopper” motion sensors installed at each workstation to automatically shut off  computer displays and other items when unoccupied.  (available to others through work orders)
  • Collaborated with others in building 17 to go from 4 fax machines to 1.

Senior Vice President/Provost – Helen Grove
suite (7-330)


  • 7 people share one Energy Star rated refrigerator and one microwave
  • Dr Grove and Jared Cutler have both given up the printers in their offices and print to a central printer
  • All light switches are labeled with reminders to turn off lights when not in use

Senior Vice President – Ken Moore
suite (14-309)


  • There is no fax machine and no coffee pot in this office suite
  • SVP had light switches installed in a space that had been centrally controlled in order to be able to turn off lights when room was not in use

Interim Senior Vice President – Michael Carter
suite (10-315)


  • All office spaces have motion detectors for lights installed
  • No personal printers in use, everyone prints to one central printer

Vice President – Jeff Boudouris
suite (7-321)


  • No refrigerator or microwave

Vice President – Mary Gaier
suite (7-321)


  • Printers set to print double-sided
  • No fax machine