Healthy Filing Systems

Each person uses information differently and a filing system that fits one person may not work for another.  The Records Manager is available to help with any problems you may have with your filing system, whether it is your hard copy system or the virtual filing system in your computer.  The goal is to set up a logical path that leads you straight to the one piece of paper or the one electronic document you need, even if you can’t remember exactly where it was or what you named it.

The same logical paths can be set up for both paper and electronic files, so the two systems match each other for even greater simplicity.

Some ways to organize files:

Alphabetic Filing – all files are in alphabetical order, no matter what function or project they relate to.  This works best if you have very few files.

Encyclopedic Filing – files are grouped together based on their relationships. All files relating to a single task or project would be together. This is the most common way of filing.

Numeric Filing – files are assigned a numeric code. This is good for very large filing systems or systems where the information is secret. Without a guide, no one can find anything.

The Records Manager can help you choose the system which is right for you. Set up a personal consultation with Bob Smith on the Outlook calendar (  or call 937-512-2319.