VI. Vendor Information and Selection
A.  Vendor Selection

The Purchasing Department encourages and welcomes suggested vendors on all requisitions.  However, the final selection will be the responsibility of the Purchasing Department.  Factors evaluated prior to the selection will include price, product quality, and past performance.

It is extremely important that College personnel make no commitments to vendors, either expressed or implied.

B. Sales Representatives
  College personnel seeking to contact sales representatives may contact the Purchasing Office for assistance. 
C. Communication with Vendors

All communication with vendors pertaining to negotiations affecting purchases, prospective purchases or purchase orders which involve prices, terms, conditions, and delivery shall be carried on by the Purchasing Department in collaboration with the requisitioning department. 

Direct correspondence by faculty and staff is accepted practice on other issues, such as availability, product specifications, technical information, requests for literature, etc.

D. Catalogs and Literature
  The Purchasing Department maintains some catalog files and upon request will make them available or secure additional catalogs and literature.  Individual departments may solicit such material independently, providing the communication is restricted to a request for information only and does not involve any commitment or obligation to the College.