II. Organization and Objectives


Department Objectives

1. To oversee all Campus purchasing for the College in compliance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations.

2. To serve faculty and staff in securing supplies, equipment and contracted services.

3. To aid in establishing standards for equipment and materials throughout the College.

4. To select vendors, utilizing an evaluative process, including: cost, quality required, vendor capability, vendor service record and delivery dates.

5. To provide procurement consulting services to faculty and staff, including providing in-house catalogs and information, and facilitating contact with outside vendors.

6. To maintain a consistent and fair policy toward the business community.

B. Authority for Procurement

The Purchasing Department is established, under the direction of the Director of Business Services, to assure that purchasing activities are conducted in accordance with all applicable laws, directives from the President or his/her designees, and sound business practices.

A properly executed purchase order constitutes a contract that is binding on both the College and the supplier. Some vendors may also require accompanying contracts or agreements on their forms.

In all cases, these agreements are to be signed by the Manager of Purchasing and Materials Management; they may also be initialed by an appropriate representative of the originating department indicating concurrence.

Any document obligating the College for any performance of duty or service, or obligating College funds, must be signed by one of the following: President, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Director of Business Services or the Manager of Purchasing and Materials Management.

Documents without one of these signatures are invalid and not binding upon the College.

C. Authorized Purchases
  In accordance with the authority delegated to the Manager of Purchasing by the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees of the College, all purchase agreements will be governed by the policies outlined in this manual.
D. Unauthorized Purchases

No individual has the authority to enter into any purchase agreement or in any way obligate College funds for procurement indebtedness, with the exception of those purchases or obligations executed via the Sinclair Procurement Card (P-card), without official authorization as defined in Section II-A.

Any transaction without such approval shall be considered as a personal obligation of the individual and not payable with College funds (O.R.C. 3.12).

E. Competitive Bidding

All competitive bids will be solicited by the Purchasing Department under the guidelines established in this manual, unless an exception is approved in advance by the Purchasing Department.

In addition, the Purchasing Department reserves the right to obtain competitive quotations, regardless of dollar value, whenever, in its judgment, the quotations may best serve the interest of the College.

The Purchasing Department may conduct competitive bidding in advance of formal approval to purchase. By conducting bidding in advance, ordering and receipt of material may be expedited.