V. Funding and Requisitioning
A.  Funding
  All funds deposited with the College, regardless of source, are College funds and must be handled in accordance with College policy.  Although departments are allocated funds in their budgets, this allocation is only an authority to requisition, not to purchase. P-card purchases do not follow the requisition process; however, all P-card purchases are subject to purchasing policies found in this manual.
B. Account Charged
  The final decision on budget accounts to be charged is the responsibility of the Accounting Department in coordination with the initiating department. Purchase orders will be processed against the account number approved by the Accounting Department.
C. Requisition to Purchase
  A requisition to the Purchasing Department shall be initiated by the College Department for the purchase of all equipment, materials, supplies, and services which are not available through the Sinclair Bookstore or can be acquired through the Procurement Card process.
D. Requisition – Approval Process
  Signature approval authority is as follows:

Up to $9,999.99  -  Dean or Director Approval
$10,000 to $49,999.99  -  VP Approval
$50,000 and over  -  President Approval

The Accounting Department will be responsible to ensure the appropriate signature authority has occurred.

E. Requisition – Special Approvals

The purchase of certain goods and services best serves the College when coordinated through a central location, this provides campus-wide continuity and compatibility.  Therefore, the additional approvals will be required for the following purchases.  It is highly recommended that the requestor should make contact prior to researching the acquisition.

  • Computers, computer peripherals, hardware and software, (except routine upgrades and supply items) by the Manager of Information Processing & Technical Services.
  • Publications, printing, etc. by the Manager of Publications.
  • Copy Machines & Audio-visual equipment by the Manager of of Information Processing & Technical Services.
  • Telephone equipment (including cell phones) by the Voice Telecommunications Administrator.
  • Insurance by the Director of Business Services.
  • Furniture, by the Manager of Planning and Construction.  Note: Standards are on the Purchasing website and Furniture Request Form is under "College Forms."
  • Marketing, advertising or promotional/novelty items by the Senior Director of Marketing.