Exhibit A - Waiver of Competitive Bidding Form

Note: this is an example only. To go to the form click here http://our.sinclair.edu/forms.cfm and go to the link Request for Waiver of Competitive Bidding located under Purchasing Forms

In accordance with College Policy, any sole source, or sole acceptable source/brand product in excess of $25,000 that is not covered by a State of Ohio Contract or existing College contract  or agreement (e.g., E&I contracts, IUC contract),  must be accompanied by an original written quotation from the vendor and a written explanation/justification from the requestor. (USE THE SPACE BELOW FOR JUSTIFICATION)

The College procures goods & services competitively whenever practicable. The Manager of Purchasing/Designee may waive competition and approve waiver requests when justified. This form must accompany a requisition when seeking to purchase goods in excess of $25,000 without competitive bidding.  Check the applicable category and provide justification for your request. Remember to sign and date this form.

  • SOLE SOURCE:  There is not another company that provides the required goods. Sole source requests must include a statement from supplier indicating their quoted price is certified to be equal to the pricing given to supplier's most favored customer or other governmental agencies.*
  • SINGLE SOURCE:  The product has restricted distribution which could be regional.  The manufacturer distributes the product(s) through a specific dealer/distributor.
  • EMERGENCY: The goods are needed to correct or prevent an emergency health, environmental or safety hazard; special or time sensitive events; and/or emergency repair or replacement of existing equipment essential for daily operations.
  • ECONOMIC/SINGLE SOURCE: Use of another supplier would result in incompatibility with existing conditions; require considerable training, time and money to evaluate; the goods are being used in ongoing long-term projects; and/or the product offered is at a substantial discount below current market conditions and price structures.  (Provide documentation detailing the cost benefits to the College.)




Department Name  ______________________________________________
Department Requisitioner_______________________________
Date_______ GL Account No______________ Cost________
Initiator Signature________________________________________ 
Recommended for Approval:
(Dept. Chair or Admin Head)__________________Date:______
(Manager of Purchasing Designee)_______________Date:_______

 The Manager of Purchasing /Designee may authorize without 
competitive bidding on the above item(s) or service(s).