I. College Purchasing Policy

In accordance with the authority delegated by the President and the Board of Trustees to the Senior Vice President and the Director of Business Services, the competitive procurement of supplies, equipment and services necessary for the operation of the College is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department.

The Purchasing Department is the sole department authorized to make commitments of College funds.  Individuals with commitment & signature authority include the President, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Director of Business Services and the Manager of Purchasing & Materials Management.  Strict adherence to all applicable federal laws, laws of the State of Ohio, College policies and sound business practice will be observed. 

Expenditures of all College funds from all sources are to be administered by the Purchasing Department in compliance with College policy and procedures.

The purpose of the College Purchasing Manual is to acquaint the College community and other appropriate agencies and individuals with the organization, practice, and procedures of the Purchasing Department.  The manual is the official reference guide to be used for all procurement activities.  Any financial commitment made other than through these procedures is the personal responsibility of the person making the commitment (O.R.C. 3.12).