Running P-card Reports

Near the end of the month you will receive an e-mail from purchasing indicating the start and end dates for your report. This alerts you to the fact that it is time to run your monthly report.

Logging On


Select PVS Net Log-IN, found at the top right of the screen

Click on "Click here to log on to PVS Net" button

Enter your user ID and password, then click on "Logon" button

Running your Report ·

 1 On left, under User, click on "Transactions" button.
 2 The Transaction Review window will appear. Scroll down until you see Item #4. This is where you will put in the start and end dates you receive in the e-mail. THE REPORT YOU TURN IN MUST BE RUN WITH THESE DATES.
 3 Scroll all the way to the bottom of the report and click on the "Run Report" button.
 4 You will get a report on screen showing all charges that posted against your card within the date parameters you indicated.
 5 If you do not need to make any GL # changes, continue to step #8.
 6 If you have charges that require a GL# change (such as a membership/subscription renewal), scroll right until you find the Transaction Allocation column.
 7 Make the necessary change for the appropriate transaction and then scroll to the bottom and click the "SAVE" button. Please note, GL changes must be completed by deadline indicated in email or the distribution change will not occur.
 8 Print report in landscape format. The column headings that should appear on your report include #, Transaction Date, Post Date, Vendor Name, Settlement Amount, Tax, Cardholder Name and Transaction Allocation. If your report is not showing these columns, please edit your Preferences as reviewed in P-card Orientation.
 9 Match your receipts in the order that they appear on your report. All original documentation should be neatly attached with a staple. Keep copies of all reports and receipts that you submit to Purchasing for your files. All receipts must include Vendor name, description of item(s) purchased, per item price(s) and total purchase amount that coincides with what has psoted to your P-card account.
 10 Card holder and budget manager must sign off on the procurement card report prior to submitting the report to purchasing.  If a cardholder is the budget manager, his/her supervisor must sign off on the report.
 11 You must run your report every month; however, if no transactions have posted to your account during current month, you need not submit a report.
 12 When you have concluded your work, please logoff the system by clicking the "LOGOFF" button to your left.