FAQ's (P-card)

What is the Procurement Card?
The Procurement Card program is the preferred method to be used to acquire low-value, non-capital, expense items. Typical examples of allowable purchases are items that are processed using check requests, petty cash or low-dollar (under $500.00) purchase requisitions for supplies and materials. For more information see the Procurement Card section on the Purchasing Homepage.

Are there restrictions associated with the Procurement Card?
Yes. Restrictions involve transaction limits, monthly limits, and merchant code restrictions. These restrictions are detailed in the Procurement Card Training Session.

Will my personal credit history be reviewed if I apply for a Procurement Card?
No, your personal credit will not be reviewed, nor will it be affected.

Who pays the monthly credit card bill and how will it be paid?
The College pays the entire Sinclair bill automatically. The Accounting Department then does journal entries to make sure each department is charged appropriately for their purchases during that month. This will be discussed in more detail in the Procurement Card Training Session.

Can the Procurement Card be used for travel?
No. The current travel policies remain in effect.

Can I use the Procurement Card to make internet purchases?

How do I obtain a Procurement Card?
Complete the Procurement Card Account Application form. This must be completed by the designated cardholder, approved by the direct supervisor, and forwarded to the Program Administrator in Purchasing for approval and submission to the bank. The card will be sent to the Program Administrator who will then schedule an Orientation Session. At the end of the session, the card will be given to you.