Student Conduct Policies

For information on the Student Judicial Affairs or to obtain a version of the Student Code of Conduct, visit the Student Leadership Office in room 8025 at the Dayton campus.

 Enforcement of College Policies  

Alcoholic Beverages  

Aramark, Inc., Sinclair's food service vendor, is the only establishment on campus licensed to serve alcoholic beverages (beer and/or wine) on special occasions.  The unauthorized use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages on college owned or controlled property at any other time is prohibited. Underage persons drinking or anyone found in violation of the liquor laws will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution, disciplinary action may be taken by the college.


The unlawful possession or use of any drug or controlled substance, including stimulant, depressant, narcotic or hallucinogenic drug or substance, or marijuana, or sale or distribution of any such drug or substance is prohibited on college owned or controlled property.  Anyone found in violation of the drug laws will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution. In addition to arrest and prosecution, disciplinary action may be taken by the college.

  • Substance Abuse & Prevention Policy for Students

    Alcohol and other drug misuse or abuse creates an obstruction of the goals of quality higher education by impending the level of academic performance of a student and the student's overall mental and physical well-being. This policy is intended to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all students associated with the college.

    Using, processing, transporting, selling, purchasing and/or being under the influence of any controlled or illegal substance, including mood-altering drugs, is prohibited while students are on campus or engaged in college activities off-=campus, if any of the following conditions exists:

Use or possession serves to demean or degrade such individuals, the campus or the community. Use serves to impair the individual's functioning as a student. The mood-altering substance used is illegal. At any college sponsored event where alcohol is served, nonalcoholic beverages must also be served and the drinking of alcohol must be be the focus of the event. Use, sale and purchase of alcoholic beverages at activities or events will be permitted if prior approval has been granted to serve/see alcoholic beverages. Serving of alcoholic at college events must, at all times, conform to state and local laws, as well as policies established by the college.

Violations of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary measures being taken up to and including dismissal. Regulations defining expected students behavior are described in the Student Code of Conduct, prohibited behavior section. The supports students' intentions to obtain assistance for problems related to substance abuse in the following ways:

Student counseling services will be available to provide substance abuse counseling, mainly assessment, evaluation and referral to community resources for treatment on a conditional basis. No student will jeopardize or enhance his or her status as a student solely by the request to seek substance abuse counseling.

The college will help to arrange for time away form academic work to pursue appropriate drug treatment when, and only when, the student counseling office has had the opportunity to evaluate the student's situation and has recommended that such treatment is necessary. Student support services will be provided on campus to assist the student in the transition back to school following such treatment. The complete policy on substance abuse and prevention for students is available in the Prevention Education Resource Center, Room 10316.
 Firearms/Dangerous Weapons

  The possession of firearms or dangerous weapons on campus is prohibited. Intentional use, possession, or sale of firearms or other dangerous weapons is a direct violation of criminal law and the student code of conduct.  Anyone found in violation of the firearms law may be subject to arrest, prosecution and disciplinary action by the college.

 Identification Card/Tartan Card

 All members of the campus community (students, faculty and staff) are required to possess a valid Sinclair ID card (Tartan Card).  Students are also required to carry their class registration validation cards along with their picture ID.  The Tartan Card must be presented when gaining access to the college during closed hours and/or upon request by a college official, including Sinclair Police. The Tartan Card is also required to use the Physical Activities Center, the Library and to gain admission to some college-sponsored activities. Tartan Cards are issued by the Student Registration Office.

Individual Responsibility

The cooperation and involvement of students, faculty and staff  in any campus safety program is absolutely necessary. Each member of the college community must assume responsibility for his or her own safety and the security of personal property by taking simple, common sense precautionary measures.

For example, although the campus is well-lighted, everyone should confine movements to well-traveled areas. There is safety in numbers, and at night everyone should walk with a companion or with a group.  Valuables should be marked with a personal identification number in case of loss or theft.  Bicycles should be properly secured when not in use.  Automobiles should be locked at all times.  Valuables and purses should never be left unattended or lying in view in a car.  At all times, such items should be kept in a locker or the trunk of the car for safekeeping.