Parking Services and Traffic Enforcement

Parking on campus property is managed by the Business Services Office (room 7323) - phone (937) 512-2518. Parking lot information and I-75 construction updates


Escorts - Sinclair Police offers escorts to anyone 24 hours a day to their class or vehicle.

Jumpstarts - We will attempt to provide you a jumpstart at no charge if you encounter battery problems.

Lockouts - If you locked your keys in your vehicle, we will attempt to unlock your vehicle at no charge.


No parking is permitted on the Bldg. 6/8 dock and ramp area located off Robert Drive. Anyone wishing to park in the Building 10 loading dock area must contact Sinclair Police at (937) 512-2534 to obtain permission. The dispatcher will request your name, your business on campus, where you will be located on campus, your license number and a telephone where you can be reached. Parking in a reserved parking spot without obtaining authorization from Sinclair Police may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.


The City of Dayton is responsible for maintaining all parking meters around the campus. Meters are marked with color-coded stickers to indicate the time allotted for parking. Tickets for parking past the time allotted are issued by the Dayton Police Department.

Meters are monitored by the Dayton Police Police Monday-Fridays from 6:30am-6:00pm. Free parking is permitted on weekends and on some holidays. Often times, meters are covered with bright red and white bags indicating that parking is not permitted. These meters are covered on occasion by the city for special events and by Sinclair Police for certain campus-related activities.


Bicycle drivers are encouraged to use the numerous racks located in the locations listed below to secure their bike. Bicycles that are secured to trees, handicap railings or any location where it impedes pedestrian or vehicle traffic or are not secured to racks are subject to be con fiscated by Sinclair Police.

  • Building 1 East
  • Building 3 south
  • Building 4 North
  • Building 7 South
  • Building 8 East
  • Building 9 (in the parking lot)
  • Between Buildings 10 and 11
  • Between Buildings 11 and 12
  • Building 13 south
  • Building 14 north
  • Building 19 in Lot I


During the first few weeks of the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, Sinclair Police will coordinate traffic control to facilitate the flow of vehicles entering college parking areas during the morning hours.