Crime Prevention

Sinclair Police distributes information regarding crime prevention and awareness through e-mail, bulletins, posters, brochures, crime alert notices, the Clarion newspaper, the college's Intranet site and through this web site. All officers participate in the Rip Card Program. In addition, the department offers a personal property identification service for students, faculty and staff.  Personal property is engraved with a code number or letters to aid in deterring thefts and assisting law enforcement officials in identifying the owner of stolen property.  Everyone is urged to take advantage of this fast, easy way to protect belongings.  

The department has one officer certified as a crime prevention specialist and provides security assessments of various areas on campus, including an annual landscaping assessement in conjunction with the Grounds Department.

Crime Prevention for People with Disabilities - The Department of Disability Services offers suggestions and services for people with disabilities. This guide provides detailed information that can be used on campus or off campus.

Speaker's Bureau - There are several educational programs, such as self protection, date rape, sexual assault and fire safety seminars, that are available for any group or organization on campus. 

Safety Awareness Expo - The Miami Valley Crime Prevention Association and Sinclair Police cosponsor the annual Safety Awareness Expo that takes place during the beginning of fall quarter. The Expo provides the opportunity for all student, staff and faculty to learn more about safety from a variety of area police, sheriff and fire departments. All personnel and students are encouraged to take advantage of these programs.

Rip Off Card Program - Sinclair Police take a proactive approach toward preventing theft on campus.  We do this by picking up unattended property and leaving a "Ripped Off Card".  The card directs you to the police department to retrieve your property.

City of Dayton Bicycle Registration - City of Dayton residents are invited to register their bicycles free of charge. In the event of a theft, ownership of the bicycle can be traced back to the owner more quickly if it is registered under this program.