Services, Programs and Campus Procedures

Sinclair Police provide a variety of special services for faculty, staff and students that range from educational programs to assisting with vehicle lockouts and jump starts. Some services may not be available at neighborhood centers, the learning centers or at the Courseview Campus Center.

Campus Access Procedures 

All campuses are open for college related activities during normal hours.

City of Dayton Bicycle Registration 

City of Dayton residents are invited to register their bicycles free of charge. In the event of a theft, ownership of the bicycle can be traced back to the owner more quickly if it is registered under this program.

Crime Prevention for People with Disabilities 

The Department of Disability Services offers suggestions and services for people with disabilities. This guide provides detailed information that can be used on campus or off campus.

Escort Services 

Sinclair Police offers escorts to anyone 24 hours a day to their class or vehicle at the Dayton campus only. Call the Sinclair Police Communication Center at (937) 512-2700 for assistance.


Sinclair Police will attempt to assist in jump starting your vehicle at the Dayton campus. There are situations that jump starting a battery may not enable the vehicle to start and there may be other circumstances preventing a successful jump start. Sinclair does not provide or offer any vehicle repair or parts. Call the Sinclair Police Communication Center at (937) 512-2700 for assistance.


Sinclair Police will attempt to assist in unlocking your vehicle at the Dayton campus.  You must provide valid identification to verify ownership of your vehicle. Call the Sinclair Police Communication Center at (937) 512-2700 for assistance.

Lost & Found 

The Sinclair Police Communication Center at the Dayton campus is the home for lost and found items. Each year over 2,000 items are turned in. Items lost at the learning centers and at Courseview are kept at the respective locations for 90 days. Call the Sinclair Police Communication Center at (937) 512-2700 for assistance.

Public Use of Sinclair Buildings and Grounds 

A policy for public use of college buildings and grounds for presentations, protests and meetings provides information for non-students and students who wish to voice their opinion. This policy does not apply to college employees who are acting in the course of their official job responsibilities.

Rip Off Card Program 

Sinclair Police take a proactive approach toward preventing theft on campus. We do this by picking up unattended property and leaving a "Ripped Off Card". The card directs you to the police department to retrieve your property.

Safety Awareness Expo 

The Miami Valley Crime Prevention Association and Sinclair Police cosponsor the annual Safety Awareness Expo that takes place during the beginning of fall quarter. The Expo provides the opportunity for all student, staff and faculty to learn more about safety from a variety of area police, sheriff and fire departments. All personnel and students are encouraged to take advantage of these programs.

Safety Support Unit

The Sinclair Facilities Management Department maintains the college buildings and grounds with a concern for safety and security. Its personnel inspects campus facilities regularly, promptly making repairs affecting safety and security, respond to reports of potential safety and security hazards, such as broken windows and locks. Facilities personnel also serve as an additional pair of eyes and ears for reporting any suspicious or unusual person(s)or activity.

Sinclair Police assists Facilities personnel by reporting potential safety and security hazards. An assessment of the college's landscaping is conducted by the Crime Prevention Officer on an annual basis. A Risk Management Committee also reviews and evaluates safety and security procedures, methods and problem areas and recommend changes. Students, faculty and staff may also call Facilities Management at (937) 512-2529 to report safety hazards.

Safety TIP & Information Line 

The TIP line provides a secure method in providing Sinclair Police with information regarding potential neagative activity on campus.

Smoking On Campus 

Sinclair has created designated smoking locations to comply with Ohio state law. Below are the approved smoking locations at the Dayton campus. There are no designated smoking areas outside the buildings at the Englewood, Huber Heights and Preble County Learning Centers. Smoking is permitted at the Courseview Campus Center just west of the main entrance.

Speaker's Bureau 

There are several educational programs, such as self protection, date rape, sexual assault and fire safety seminars, that are available for any group or organization on campus.

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