Administrative Division

The Administrative Division has approximately 75 non-sworn safety officers who assist in patrolling the Dayton campus and parking lots.

The Courseview Campus Center along with the Englewood, Huber Heights and Preble County Learning Centers are patrolled by Safety Information Officers (SIOs). These officers have received additional training in First Aid, CPR, AED and vehicle assists.

The Communications Center employs three fulltime and five part-time dispatchers that are responsible for:

  • Processing all emergency and non-emergency phone calls
  • Dispatch police and safety units and keep accurate logs on calls for service
  • Maintain CCTV cameras
  • Monitor approximately over 1,000 security and fire alarms
  • Process and store approximately 3,000 items of found property annually
  • Address issues at the service window
  • Enter information into the Sinclair Police Records Management System

 Operations Division

The Department of Public Safety operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are 24 sworn police officers that are part of this division. To better serve our community we have the following advanced specialties:

  • All officers serve as part of a specialized response team for hostile intruders
  • 6 crime scene investigators
  • 7 crisis intervention specialists
  • 2 hostage negotiators
  • 19 police cyclists
  • 4 bicycle maintenance officers
  • 1 crime prevention specialist
  • 5 Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy certified instructors
  • 3 Field Training Officers

Each officer has the opportunity to further their training in other law enforcement areas to promote growth of the department and professional service to the community.





  Administrative and Command Staff  
Charles Gift Director of Public Safety / Chief of Police 512-2700
Ron Adams Operations Captain / Crisis Intervention Team / Crime Scene Investigator 512-2143
John Huber Administrative Captain / Safety Information Officer Supervisor / Communications Supervisor / Recruitment 512-2174
Michael Coss Operations Lieutenant / Crisis Intervention Team / Crime Scene Investigator / Basic Traffic Crash Investigator / Bicycle Mechanic / Property Room Supervisor / Field Training Officer Supervisor 512-2170
William Hill Firearms Supervisor / Training Coordinator / Computer Systems Liaison / IT Specialist 512-2171
Scott Fowler

Administrative Lieutenant / Crisis Intervention Team / Safety Information Officer Coordinator @ the Learning Centers and Courseview Campus Center / Certified Crime Prevention Specialist

Dennis Leavitt Operations Lieutenant / Crisis Intervention Team / Homeland Security Terrorism Liaison Officer / FBI Liaison / Property Room Supervisor 512-3380
Kara Landis Administrative Assistant II and Records Coordinator / Lost & Found Coordinator 512-2700
Skip Sawmiller Administrative Aide / Lexipol Administrator 512-2700
Michael Kemper Safety Coordinator / Emergency Management Specialist / Storm Ready Coordinator 512-2184
  Police Officers  
Jordan Ashby Police Officer 512-2700
Alan Brown Police Officer / Bicycle Mechanic / Field Training Officer / Crime Scene Investigator 512-2700
Tracey Brown Police Officer / Crime Prevention Officer / Behavior Intervention Team / Safety Awareness Expo Coordinator 512-2700
Bob Bucheit Police Officer 512-2700
Steve Carroll Police Officer / Crime Scene Investigator / Field Training Officer / Crisis Intervention Team / Bicycle Mechanic 512-2700
Joshua Cox Police Officer  512-2700
Brian Dodson Police Officer 512-2700
Mary Donofrio Police Officer / Fradulent Document Specialist 512-2700
Phillip Hubbard Police Officer 512-2700
Andrew Mayes Police Officer 512-2700
 Tom McMurtry Police Officer / Crime Scene Investigator / Basic Traffic Crash Investigator / Bicycle Mechanic / Field Training Officer 512-2700
Steve Nonnenman Police Officer 512-2700
William Olinger Police Officer 512-2700
Bobby Stanaford Police Officer 512-2700
Robert Walko Police Officer / Firearms Instructor 512-2700
Malinda West Police Officer  / Crisis Intervention Team  512-2700
   Communication Center - Dispatchers  
 Laurie Brown  Police Dispatcher  


 Nancy Coppock Police Dispatcher  


 Tom Harshman Police Dispatcher


 Robert Nemeth Police Dispatcher 512-2700
 Charles Tangeman Police Dispatcher 512-2700
 Josh Tangeman Police Dispatcher 512-2700
 Jeri Ullrich Police Dispatcher


 Terry Zeitz Police Dispatcher / Assistant TAC Officer / Regional Gang Taskforce / Dispatcher Trainer


Police Dispatcher 512-2700