Who We Are


We, the staff of the Sinclair Community College Police Department, dedicate ourselves, through partnerships with the campus communities, policing agencies and other public and private organizations, to maintain a safe academic environment throughout the entire campus.

We will accomplish this by putting into practice the concepts of community policing in order to reduce levels of disorder, violence, and crime through the application of proven, effective programs and strategies. We will meet the needs of our customers through innovation and responsiveness. We will create an academic environment that encourages creativity, open communication, full participation and problem-solving.

We will carry out these responsibilities through a set of core values that reflect our commitment to the highest standard of excellence and integrity in campus policing.


To reduce crime and ensure members of the campus community are as safe and secure as possible, the Sinclair Police Department employs 23 full-time and 1 part-time sworn professional police officers. All full-time officers have attended over 450 hours of training through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and are certified as police officers by the State of Ohio. In addition, the officers undergo continuing specialized training in firearms, first aid, CPR, defensive tactics, legal updates, and other law enforcement related subjects to maintain their skills.

The department also employs three full-time and seven part-time dispatchers, five part-time Security Information Officers, 70 part-time security officers, five student officers, and one clerical staff person who serve in supporting roles. The members of these units do not have statutory arrest powers, but workto assist police with security matters. The department has motorized patrol, bike patrol, and foot patrol of campus buildings, grounds, and parking garages and lots.

The Sinclair Police Department operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays when the campus is normally closed.

Firm but reasonable enforcement of State laws, Dayton City ordinances and rules and regulations of the college, coupled with crime prevention and safety programs, helps to meet these responsibilities. It is the goal of every member of the Sinclair Police to promote,preserve,and deliver feelings of safety through quality services to the members of the campus community.

It is the policy of the Sinclair Police Department to encourage accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes or incidents to police. Sinclair Police investigates incidents of a criminal nature and initiates, before a court of law, any required legal action. Sinclair Police Officers are empowered by the State of Ohio to arrest any offender and bring that person before the local court system for judgment.

We make timely warning reports to the campus community or serious crimes, such as murder, manslaughter, robbery, arson,aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, rape and hate crime. These serious crimes are reported to the campus community using "Crime Alert" bulletins and the Clarion student newspaper. "Crime Alert" bulletins are posted on bulletin boards throughout campus and on this web site.

If needed, assistance is available from the Dayton Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, Ohio State Patrol, the Miami Valley Crime Laboratory, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sinclair Police cooperates with all local police authorities, state authorities, and federal authorities in the exercise of its responsibilities.

The Sinclair Student Activities Office is responsible for on-campus student disciplinary proceedings. Sinclair Police and the Student Activities Office work collaboratively to resolve incidents of student misconduct that affect College policies and procedures.

Sinclair Community College maintains an open campus environment and encourages the community to participate in activities that are open to the public. However, the College reserves the right to restrict unauthorized persons from its grounds when appropriate.


The Sinclair Police Dispatch Center serves as a vital link between the college community and the department in matters relating to public safety and emergency assistance. The Dispatch Center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by three full-time dispatchers and five part-time dispatchers. The center is responsible for answering calls for police, fire and emergency medical assistance, maintenance and escort services, monitoring fire, intrusion, emergency and maintenance alarms, dispatching and coordinating police, fire and EMS units in emergency and non-emergency situations.

The Dispatch Center is linked via computer network to the Dayton Police Department and other local, state, and national law enforcement agencies for information that is vital to the department. The Center operates a dynamic computer-based system which monitors and /or controls systems in virtually every building on campus. Through this system, building fire and security alarms are monitored, and door access is controlled by card readers and commands from the console.

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The department operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays.