Emergency Blue Light Network

Outside emergency intercoms are identified by a blue light atop a blue pole that have been placed throughout the campus and parking lots. To receive assistance, simply press the red button.  Intercoms automatically dial into the Sinclair Police Communications Center.

Intercom Locations

*all stairwells in the Lot A Parking Garage
*in Lot B near the exit 
*in Lot C near the entrance gate
*all stairwells in Lot D 
*Lot E next to Building 9
*Lot I next to Building 19
*Lot K next to Building 13
*Lot LL
*Lot M next to Building 20
*Bldg. 1 north
*between Bldgs. 3 and 4
*Library/Tartan Marketplace sliding doors
*Bldg. 8 plaza
*Bldg. 9 / Lot E
*Bldg. 10 near Fourth Street
*Bldg. 12 west plaza
*Bldg. 12 east plaza
*Bldg. 13 / Lot K 
*Bldg. 14 east plaza
*between Bldgs. 14  and 17
*Bldg. 19 / Lot I
*Bldg. 20 near the Fifth Street bridge