Addressing Student Conduct Issues / Behaviorial Intervention Team (BIT)


Student Conduct and Behavior site

Sinclair is committed to providing a safe environment for those who come to our campus to learn, for those who learn via distance, and for those who teach and support that learning.  From time to time all faculty and staff encounter problematic students, and managing these students is part of the teaching and learning environment of a college. However, there are times when problem behavior rises to a level that is beyond the usual range of student behavior, to the point where individual students may appear threatening or dangerous.  In these circumstances, faculty and staff members need a clear, simple, and direct way to report problems and potential problems. 

If you encounter or observe student behavior that you believe is a threat to self or others, or that creates a disruption to the learning environment, which you reasonably believe needs immediate attention or assessment, call Sinclair Police at (937) 512-2700 if you are located at the Dayton campus. Local police should be contacted if you are located at one of the learning centers or at the Courseview Campus.The dispatcher will document the incident and take the appropriate action.

If the incident does not represent an immediate threat or danger, you may report the behavior to the Behavorial Intervention Team or call Sinclair Police at (937) 512-2700 and ask the dispatcher to fill out a BIT report on your behalf. You may also visit the Student Conduct and Behavior page to fill out a BIT form and send directly to a member of the team for analysis and response

Examples of behaviors which may warrant a report to Sinclair Police or submission of a BIT form:

  • threatening behavior that disrupts the educational process
  • hostile, abusive, or aggressive behavior 
  • extreme emotional outbursts
  • articulated threats to harm self or others
  • unusual speech or behavior patterns, including slurring, incoherent or rambling speech
  • disoriented behavior
  • uncontrolled anger

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) provides immediate analysis and a coordinated response to reports of threatening language, behavior, or written communication by a student. This team is prepared to determine an appropriate course of action for dealing with faculty and staff concerns about such things as student patterns, disturbing writings on assignments or patterns of behavior that suggest a potential threat to self or others. The role of this team is to provide both early intervention and prevention strategies to address student behavior. BIT is composed of representatives from Legal Affairs, Sinclair Police, Human Resources, Student Services, and Instruction.   

Threatening and/or disruptive behavior can be described in many ways and often is subject to individual perceptions.  The judgment of the instructor or staff member at the time of the incident is the most important consideration.  While this procedure isn't designed for routine classroom management or the occasional rude or disrespectful student, it is recommended that you always error on the side of safety when making your decision.  When in doubt, call Sinclair Police. 

A Student Conduct Response Guide for faculty and staff has been produced by the Student Leadership Office and provides tips on how to handle behavior issues.